Friday, September 30, 2005


before and after


Thursday, July 21, 2005


Itchy again

Interesting realization yesterday. The heat makes me less itchy. Ok. I know this makes no sense. But yesterday afternoon at work I got all itchy. As soon as I walked into the parking lot (which is like a sauna). No itching at all. All the way home, not itchy. As soon as I walked into the air conditioned building. Itchy. But it gets more interesting. Last night I was itchy. So I put an extra blanket on. It was a fairly warm blanket. Wool. Itching gone. I assumed the itchiness was related to the heat because it started the week it was insanely hot and humid every day. But I've never had this sort of problem with heat and humidity (and I lived in Japan one summer in the hottest summer they'd had in 10 years). Perhaps it isn't the heat that is causing my problem, but the air conditioners on full blast. The last time in my life where I was in heavily air conditioned buildings for for than three or four hours at a time was... Not at law school. I was rarely in the building for more than two hours at a time. Not when I was working for an airline. The airport I worked at had too many windows. It was impossible to cool. Not when I was working at a bookstore. I rarely had shifts over four ours. Not when I was living in Japan. I often taught at locations other than the school, and so was not consistently in air conditioned locations. Not in South America. Did they even have air conditioners there? Undergrad. Well maybe if I had ever gone to class I would have spent time in air conditioned rooms. Hmm. Maybe in high school when I worked at my dad's office during summer. But even then, I would often end up with tasks in the un airconditioned part of the facility. I have never in my adult life consistently worked in a heavily air conditioned place.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Not so itchy

I'm not as itchy. Actually, at the moment I'm not itchy at all. I didn't ride to work yesterday (Monday). And I switched back to cooperating sunscreen. I lost three pounds last week in spite of consuming just over 2000 calories a day on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Thursday and Friday I rode my bike to work and back home, so I burned more calories than I consumed, even with the increased amount. Sunday I spent an hour on the treadmill, and so again burned more calories than I consumed, even if not by that much. I think I might alternate how many calories I consume on a daily basis between 2000 and 1600. With all the riding I do, consuming 1600 just isn't enough if I do it for several days in a row. Even at 600 calories per hour average, with the riding I do, I'm burning 1500 calories a day just riding. If I'm only eating 1600 a day, I just don't have any energy to ride and I get cranky. The stress factor may have contributed to the skin problem. My body gets rather unhappy when I don't feed it enough. No concerns about me ever becoming anorexic. Ok. So yesterday was a 2000 calorie day. So today can be a 1600 calorie day. Breakfast was a bagel. That had something like a 320 calories. Whoever invented bagels was evil. But I am laying off the soy protein for a couple of days. Part of me wonders if that was part of the skin problem. I'd have the soy protein in my drink, and then I started eating tofu on a daily basis. My body is pretty sensitive to anything in extreme amounts like that. Lunch is going to be a subway sandwich. I was going to get he veggie burger, but it probably has soy in it. I guess I'll just get a cheese sandwich. Maybe I'll just go to the deli down stairs. That will probably be about 400-550 calories. Dinner. What am I going to have for dinner. What can I eat that is a change from what I usually eat. Hmmm. If I rule out tofu and black beans. Well that is a problem because those are two of my basic staples. I had mac and cheese last night. And the night before that too. I could get a pizza. The place across the street has pretty good pizza. That would take care of lunch tomorrow too. But I'll probably get pizza when my mom comes to visit. I may have to try one of the Indian restaurants.

Sunday, July 17, 2005



I itch. I'm sure the four new mosquito bites don't help. I don't know why I itch. It isn't as bad as when I was using the sunscreen that made me itch. So that problem of my entire body itching is gone. It could be eating so much salsa/spicy food. I once had a reaction to peperoncinis (i ate a whole lot of them). Or at least I think that was what the reaction was to. Unfortunately, I also had a new hair stylist, was using new hair products and starting a new job at the time and so can't pinpoint exactly what caused me to break out in hives. I did notice that I appear to be eating spicy things with disturbing frequency. It could be the humidity. Last week it rained three of the days and was unbelievably humid the rest of the days (might as well have been raining). Plus, I was using a new sunscreen (banana boat sport 30 extra). It claims it won't sweat away. However, what it effectively does is prevent the sweat from evaporating. Took me a couple of days to catch on to this (because it was so humid). But on Thursday it was fairly cloudy so I put sunscreen on my arms but not my legs and noticed that my arms were rediculously sweaty while my legs weren't. On Friday it was super cloudy so I put screen on my hands but not my arms. My hands were super sweaty while my arms weren't sweaty at all. This strikes me as being somewhat dangerous. Sweat cools the body by evaporating. It is the evaporating action that actually cools the skin. If the sun screen somehow interferes with that, doesn't that keep the body from cooling itself? Isn't that why exercising in the humidity is so much harder on the body in the first place? So it could be the sunscreen causing me to itch, although I'm itching on my upper back where I specifically did not put sunscreen at all last week in an attempt to give my skin a break from the sun by wearing shirts with sleeves. It could have been the shirts with sleeves. My skin isn't used to haveing material rubbing against it. The extra material in combination with the humidity could have cause the problem. The problem could be caused by losing weight. As I consume fewer calories than I burn, I'm using up fat cells. Could be something stored in the fat cells that is causing me to itch. My period was three days late, so it could be a hormonal imbalance that is making my skin more sensitive to irritants ( I was unbelievably cranky for nearly an entire week). It could be nothing more than my body dealing with the four bug bites I have. If enough of what makes the bites swell up got into my blood stream, it could cause irritation in other places. Because of all the rain, on some parts of the train, the trees are hanging low. Could be that I'm allergic to one of them and have a reaction when it brushes me when I duck to avoiding geting hit in the face with a branch. And it could be nothing more than sweating an unusually large amount due to the humidity.

Friday, July 15, 2005

So much for going under. My target was 390. My original amount was 490. I was well over. First, I think I over estimated the calories in beans. I looked at the bean calorie content. The entire can has 380 calories. So it is not possible to get 300 in one meal and 200 in the second if they are all from the same can. I think my miscalculations caused me to get less protein than I needed. Anyway, last night I ate the entire block of tofu. 500 calories. Plus it was fried in some olive oil, so about 580 calories really. I also had two rolls at 140 each plus about 100 calories of cheese with that. A total of 880 just for dinner. 390 over what my target was. I was very full. But I think I needed the extra calories. Consuming fewer calories is starting to take its toll on my body. I was really dragging on my way home. I haven't been that tired in quite awhile. Going 400 calories over every once in a while is ok. So on to today. 300 calories for my morning drink (put less pineapple in it). 100 calories for my morning banana. Lunch is supposed to be blackbeans and cheese but I think I might go out, so that is a wild card. Dinner. Well, I suppose dinner will depend on whether I go out to lunch or not. Lets see. If I don't take lunch till 1, then I don't have to be back till 2. I can have my snack at 4 and be ready to ride by six. On the other hand, it does seem a shame to waste the food I brought for lunch if I go out. Hmm. Decisions decisions

Thursday, July 14, 2005


A bit over

Trader Joes had ridiculously long lines last night (over 10 people in each line (when the manager got up to the front he said "oh shit" and then got on the speaker and said "I need everyone wearing a trader joe's shirt up to the front to open." They opened three more registers and added some baggers and the lines then moved faster. But by the time I got home, I was too lazy to make tofu. So I had my old fall back favorite of blackbean nachos. Bout 200 for the beans, another 70 for the cheese, 50 for a dab of guacamole, and an ear of corn. Corn seems to range from 60-83 calories. I'll go with 60 since it was a small ear and I cut the kernels off but somehow managed to not cut deep enough. And a couple of carrots. And some chips at 140 calories. That puts me at 520 which is over where I wanted to be. But it was the corn that put me over. By 120. Bummer. Oh well. On to today. 330 for breakfast. Banana. 100. Blackbeans 150. Cheese 50. Roll plus cheese 200. Second roll plus cheese 280 (bigger roll). That leaves me with 490. I'll go 100 under since I was 100 over yesterday and go for a light dinner at 390. Tofu, 250 and some very small amount of carb. Like a roll at 140. I like rolls.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Moldy tortillas

Well the tortillas didn't work out. Apparently I bought them when I first got to DC, which was over 8 weeks ago. They were moldy. So I added extra beans and some guacamole. Today's meal plan. Typical morning drink of approx 350 calories. My morning snack is an organic banana. I have no idea how many calories a banana has. Ok. According to a random website,e they have about 100. So that is 450. Bean medley for lunch. You know, I'm starting to realize that I tend to eat the exact same things over and over. I need to work on adding variety to my diet. I'll estimate lunch at about 450. Plus an apple. About 50 calories. Total of 500. Afternoon snack of Cheese on a Roll. Probably about 250. Out of 1600, that leaves me 400 for dinner. Well, that is more than the past couple days. Ok. I'll go for tofu (which I have to go buy because I'm out). That is about 200. Add a cup of brown rice for 215 calories. Ok. I'm not actually going to eat an entire cup of brown rice. I just don't like rice that much. Hmm. Maybe I'll have an apple as dessert. That would work.
And yes, for the record, I did ride my bike into work this morning even though it is so humid that I look like I just got out of the shower by the time I get to work (for the third brutal consecutive day). (note, I shower at the fitness center in the building before I go up to my office).

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